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    Container Field Advice



      Container Field Advice




           I am currently working on a database for a client who i work for(music artist). They have asked me to document all of there items , including images. The database will be acting as an archive of all there work, and we are expecting to take up to three years with three people working on it. So i cannot afford for things to go wrong, and lose all of our images.

           I have a basic understanding of databases but nothing to complex, and to complicate things we are using a Mac which i am also unfamiliar with(but have no choice)

           The database will have around :

           30 Tables , 60 Layouts, 10 Container Fields Per Table.

           And across all the tables i expect to have around 10k-20k Records. So it is a rather large database.


           Currently we have organised files where the images are saved after scanning. Then we just drag and drop them into containers. To my knowledge , the images are only saved as a reference when drag and dropped, and i haven't set it up to be saved externally. But when i delete the file the image in filemaker is still there. How come? where are they been saved?

           Ideally i would like to be able to have a box under each container field to display the path/location of the file.


           Any advice would be greatly appreciated ,


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               What version of FileMaker are you using? If using FileMaker 12 or newer, what storage options did you define for that container field into which you are drag and dropping the files?

               Drag and Drop embeds the image into the container field, it does not store a reference unless you use special scripting to export and re-insert the file as a reference from the location to which the script exported the file, but if you specify external storage, FileMaker will export the copy embedded by the drag and drop to a specified external storage location and update the container field to be a reference to that storage location--similar to but not quite the same as "store a reference".

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                 Im using Filemaker 12. And the storage settings for the field are all un-selected. So i haven't choose to use 'Global Storage' or 'Save Container Data Externally'.

                 Your explanation of how it works has already helped me understand a bit better, thank you. 

                 So if i go back over all of my containers and select all of them to 'Save Container Data Externally' it will automatically create a copy of ones already imbedded? or just future ones that i drag and drop?

                 And once i have a new folder where filemaker saves them, i won't need to keep copies of the old images? 


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                   It will automatically copy the embedded files to the external storage location. Make sure that you have enough storage space and be prepared for a delay while FileMaker copies over all the embedded files.

                   You won't need to keep the original files to work with the externally stored files (just be absolutely sure that none of your files where inserted with an Insert method from the Insert menu where the "store a reference" option was also checked.) in your container fields. You may have some other user for them, but not for these container fields.

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                     Hi Phil

                     Thank you so much for clearing up all that for me,

                     You've put my mind at rest, and saved me a-lot of time.