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Container field and Get thumbnail function

Question asked by rtolliver on Mar 29, 2013
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Container field and Get thumbnail function


     I am currently evaluating FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced in an effort to move my MS Access database back to FileMaker Pro.  One of the new features in FM that I'm looking at is the Container field and using the Get Thumbnail function.  My current database has Text fields that are used to hold the path name for images on an external drive.  The path name fields are on a Form that displays two images per record.

     With the eval copy of FM, I'm trying to create two forms, the first will be a continuous list form with a thumbnail of image1 and the second form is single record information that has image1 & image2.

     I was able to create my tables and one form be running into a problem with the use of the GetThumbnail function.  I'm using the example provided in the Reference -> Function reference > Container functions > GetThumbnail.  I've tried both of the Examples and they both failed.  After placing an image into the container field,  the first example  calculation field returns a "0" and the second calculation field returns nothing.

     Can anyone explain the correct use?