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    Container Field and multi users...



      Container Field and multi users...


      Good Morning!


      I would like to place a document in a container field for each record entry in filemaker. PCs (filemakerpro v. 11)


      Example....Greek Statue 125.10 (1 record in filemaker) and nt the container field titled "Donor paperwork" I would like to place the donor paperwork word.doc and have every user be able to read this. I have tried this (not embedding but referencing) and it didn't work. These documents are not on a shared drive.....is this the issue...?


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          Yes, that's the issue. You have to place the document in a shared directory that all users can mount in identical fashion. This can be a problem if you have both mac  and windows users as they will mount the directory with diffrent formats. You sometimes have to create a calculation field that computes the correct format for a given user in order for both mac and windows users to see the same shared document.

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            Okay so I made a shared folder between myself and 3 others to access these shared word.docs in filemaker (on a shared drive) but i still can't access the document through Filemaker. There is a picture icon in the container field, but when I double click on it nothing happens :(

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              How did you insert the document? As a file? I believe you will need to either click into the field and use Export Field Contents from the Edit menu or write a script to do this and attach the script to a button (or set up the container field as a button). With a script, you can export the field to the temporary items folder so that you don't leave a copies of the file cluttering up your system every time you open the file.

              If you are opening the file to edit it, you will have to re-insert the edited file to save the changes.