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    Container field and picture



      Container field and picture




      how can I can I add a picture to a container field for all records at once?


      My problem is that I need the calculator field to choose between two pictures depending on a value (0 or 1) in another field. I have gotten this to work thanks to you guys but I realized that the two pictures (that are in one container field each) do not behave like I want. The reason is that they are filled in the record I was working in but as soon as I go to another record they are empty. I will have around 200 pictures so I would like to not having to insert them into each record for my 400 records...


      is it a way to fill a container field permanently with a picture so that it is filled for all records?


      Thanks for the help, it is really appreciated!! 



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          Where are the picture fields? In the table where the calculation exists? If so, then you may need for the container fields to have global storage. In that way, the calculated result for each record has access to the pictures needed.


          If you want the pictures in global fields to 'stick', you will need to open the database as the host and insert the pictures. Then when you host the file, users will get the pictures as their default global value. 


          Better still, you can set up a separate table with the global fields and then can access the pictures (even without a relationship!). 

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               Thanks, that solved it!!