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    Container Field and Value Lists



      Container Field and Value Lists


      I asked FM Pro Tech Support if there is anyway to create a Value List that displays an Key ID Field for the first value, and then the contents of a Container Field for the second value. (This is so users can make sections of images with radio buttons or check boxes.  Since my Value Lists are conditional; the portal approach would not work.)  I got this reply, but am not really sure what he means.  Does anyone have an idea? 

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      Value lists only use data, such as text or numbers, and since a container field has a file and not text or number data, the value list isn't able to use it. However, if a value is assigned to the container field or its contents, then the value list could use it. This could possibly be designed with a script or function that assigns values to fields or files.

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          The short answer is NO, a value list cannot display an image from a container field in the list of values.

          But you can put container fields with the images next to radio button or check box fields. (you can make copies of the same field and give each copy a different single value value list in order to better pair up one copy of the field with a corresponding container field.)

          You can also set up a portal with buttons to click that look and act like either radio buttons or check boxes and you can put container fields inside the rows of such a portal.