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Container Field and Value Lists

Question asked by on Jul 29, 2015
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Container Field and Value Lists


I asked FM Pro Tech Support if there is anyway to create a Value List that displays an Key ID Field for the first value, and then the contents of a Container Field for the second value. (This is so users can make sections of images with radio buttons or check boxes.  Since my Value Lists are conditional; the portal approach would not work.)  I got this reply, but am not really sure what he means.  Does anyone have an idea? 

Hello Kevin,

Value lists only use data, such as text or numbers, and since a container field has a file and not text or number data, the value list isn't able to use it. However, if a value is assigned to the container field or its contents, then the value list could use it. This could possibly be designed with a script or function that assigns values to fields or files.

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