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Container Field Calculation error ( "Field not modifiable")

Question asked by ScottSpencer on Dec 9, 2013
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Container Field Calculation error ( "Field not modifiable")


     I have been out of FM for awhile - so my own troubleshooting is at a loss and it seems that any of the forum posts don't cover (or maybe answer my problem).

     I have been tinkering with my own version of the "Assets" DB provided with FM 13. I am trying to replicate the photo container option where you click on an image and it puts it up in the bigger container through a simple calc.  

     I think all my data is right - and I get the message "This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable."


     I have changed permissions in the system, the file and the database, even made sure my settings replicated to FM template. At least I think I've caught it all.  Still get the same message.  I must be missing a step and hope someone knows what I've not done...