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    Container field cannot play .m4a



      Container field cannot play .m4a


      I have a IPhone 4s with the new Filemaker Go on it. My Windows XP laptop has the Filemaker Pro 12.

      My goal is to use the IPhone to send data to a database form on the computer. I've designed a form on the computer which includes a container field to hold audio recording. In the Inspector settings for that audio container field I have it set to be Interactive.

      When I share the database from my laptop to the IPhone all works fine and I'm able to see the computer form and record on the IPhone into the audio container field.I can play back the recording on the IPhone fine.

      However, when I go to play the audio in the field on the laptop I get a message ..

      "The file you are attempting to play has an extension (.m4a) that does not match the file format. Playing the file may result in unexpected behavior". So I cannot play back the audio recording in the container field on the form.

      I have the lastest version of Quicktime (free version) on the laptop.

      I hope I don't have to export that container field audio ever time I want to move though records.

      Please help.

      Thanks ... John

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          It would seem that .m4a is a poor choice of file format for cross platform compatibility.

          Google "cannot play .m4a"

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            I don't intend to use video in container fields on the IPhone when shared with the desktop database. However just for a test only I did put a short video of 30 seconds in the container field in Filemaker Go using the IPhone. When I went to play it back in the desktop container field I rec'd a similar message that the file extension (.mov in this case) "does not match the file format" and could not play the video.

            There is no problem at all when a photo is put in the container field via the IPhone. You can see it on the desktop fine.

            I even tried downloading and installing the VLC Media Player mentioned in the Google link by davidlanders above and the same problem occurs.

            What would likely solve the problem is if you could - choose - what audio format to record sound in, on the IPhone 4s.



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              Google "compatible audio video format container  site:filemaker.com"


              Home > Using FileMaker Pro > Adding and viewing data > Using data in container fields

              Using data in container fields
              A container field can store pictures, multimedia files, sounds you record, or any other type of file that you want to keep in a database. The way you insert the data determines how you see and interact with the data in the container field.
              For a list of files that FileMaker Pro supports, see the table below.

              To insert
              Do this
              A picture
              Choose Insert menu > Picture, then choose the picture to insert. FileMaker Pro displays the picture in the field.
              A QuickTime file
              Choose Insert menu > QuickTime, then choose the file to insert. FileMaker Pro displays the contents of the QuickTime file in the container field. If you insert a QuickTime movie or sound file, you can play the movie using the standard QuickTime controls.
              An audio or video file
              For an interactive container, choose Insert menu > Audio/Video, then choose the file to insert. You can then play the audio or video file in the field. For more information about using audio and video files in container fields, see Working with content in interactive containers.
              A sound
              Choose Insert menu > QuickTime and select a sound file in a supported format. You can play the sound using the standard QuickTime controls.
              To record a sound and store it in a container field, choose Insert menu > Sound.
              A PDF file
              For an interactive container, choose Insert menu > PDF, then choose the PDF file to insert. For more information, see Working with PDF files in interactive containers.
              Any file
              Choose Insert menu > File, then choose the file to insert (such as a spreadsheet file, word processing file, or any other file type that you want to track). FileMaker Pro displays the file’s icon and name in the container field, but not the actual content.
              Note  To insert packaged files such as Keynote files into a container field, archive or zip the packaged files.

              Container field with an inserted picture
              Container field with an inserted file
              Container field displaying a picture
              Container field displaying a file icon
              FileMaker Pro supports the following picture, audio/video, QuickTime, and sound formats.

              Picture formats
              Audio/video formats
              QuickTime formats
              Sound formats
              Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)
              AIFF Audio file (.aif, .aiff)
              AVI (.avi)
              AIFF (.aif)
              FlashPix (.fpx)
              AVI movie (.avi)
              Cubic VR
              GIF (.gif)
              MP3 Audio File (.mp3)
              DV (.dv)
              Audio CD Data (Mac OS)
              JPEG/JFIF (.jpg)
              MPEG-4 Audio File (.m4a)
              MP3 (.mp3)
              JPEG 2000 (.jp2) (Mac OS)
              MPEG-4 movie (.mp4)
              Karaoke (.kar)
              SoundFont 2 (.sf2)
              MacPaint (.mac) (Mac OS)
              MPEG movie (.mpg, .mpeg)
              Flash 5 (.flv)
              Sound (.snd)
              PDF (.pdf) (Mac OS)
              MPEG-4 video file (.m4v)
              MPEG (Playback)
              WAV (.wav)
              Photoshop (.psd)
              QuickTime movie (.mov, .qt) (see notes below)
              QuickTime Movie (.qtm)

              PICT (.pct)
              Sun Audio file (.au)
              QuickTime VR

              PNG (.png)
              WAVE Audio File (.wav)
              Virtual Reality (VR)

              QuickTime Image File (.qt)
              Windows Media Audio (.wma)


              SGI (.sgi)
              Windows Media Videos (.wmv) (see notes below)


              Targa (.tga)



              TIFF (.tif)



              Windows bitmap (.bmp)



              Windows Metafile/Enhanced Metafile (.wmf/.emf) (Windows)



              PICT (.pct)



              For the QuickTime movie (.mov, .qt) formats:
              Windows: Requires QuickTime to be installed. Some formats, such as QTVR, aren’t supported.
              Mac OS: Some formats, such as QTVR, aren’t supported.
              For the Windows Media Videos (.wmv) format:
              Mac OS: Requires Flip4Mac to be installed.
              Insert menu > QuickTime supports all media file types supported by QuickTime, including movie, sound, and graphics files.
              You can export the content of a container field to a file. You can also choose to automatically open or email the exported file. See Exporting the contents of a field.
              When you insert a very large file into a container field, a dialog box appears showing you the progress. You can click Cancel to cancel inserting the file.