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Container Field Compression

Question asked by jawnne on Jun 11, 2009
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Container Field Compression


Hello all,


I am new to filemaker and I am a novice at making relational databases.  I am having an issue with the filemaker container fields.  My database seems to be lagging when it tries to load the image onscreen.  This has become a serious issue in that it keeps crashing on me. 


What I am doing is importing CS ChemDraw Drawings (.cdx) files into the database via drag and drop with no problem.  The size of each file is about 4KB in its native state (unassociated), I have 1,306 records, with 21 other fields containing text and this somehow comes out to be 326,208KB.  By my calculation 4KB x 1306 should only be 5,224KB plus whatever the other 21 fields contribute.  I made a copy of this database and deleted this field to see what its contribution was, which is 972KB.


Can someone offer me any solutions to this problem?