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    Container field displacement



      Container field displacement


      I have a database with which I am creating with FileMaker Pro 11v3 Advanced on Macintosh.  I have attached a screen shot of the displacement.  I created the table, added the fields & designed the layout.  One of the fields contains a container where I added a .PDF bringing it in as a Quicktime file.  Everything looks & works fine when I view in Browse, Layout & Preview mode.  Since having added a fill to the Rounded Rectangle I created with the Rounded Rectangle Tool, the field that contains the Container type now in Browse mode shows to be off center.  Layout & Preview mode do not show anything out of the ordinary with that field.  If any of you need to see the entire database file then let me know.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.


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          Is the rectangle here the borders of your container field or is it a rectangle you have created and placed behind it?

          Does your layout have a header and a body. In layout mode, how close to the top edge of the container field is this boundary line? Does it touch or cross that line? If so, try nudging it down a few pixels until it is clearly not touching or crossing this boundary and see if it makes a difference.

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            To answer your question I created the rectangle and placed it behind the borders of my container field.  I found that when viewing the .PDF in the container field that it looked plain when I viewed in Browse and Preview mode, therefore I added the border.  I do indeed have a header and a body in my layout. My header contains the Real Estate image in the upper left with the word Lease Agreement data entry all inside the Rounded Rectangle sent to the back with the red fill.  The body contains First/Last Name, Rental Fee, Lease Duration, Date Signed and the Container field.  There is no Footer.  I have nudged down the .PDF in the container field.

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              By any chance, is the container field set to Slide up? (See the sliding and visibility section of the Inspector's position tab.)

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                In the Container field (Inspector\Sliding & Visibility\), I see Remove blank space by- Sliding left, Sliding up based on: All objects above, Only objects directly above, Also resize enclosing part.  Object visibility- Hide when printing.  I have tried the following: Only selecting the inserted .PDF as Quicktime & applying the options from within Sliding & Visibility from the Inspector, only selecting the Rounded Rectangle inserted as background in which the .PDF is in and finally selecting both the inserted .PDF as Quicktime & the Rounded Rectangle behind the .PDF applying options from (Inspector\Sliding & Visibility).  Please advise.  There is no change to the status.  Thank you.

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                  As far as I can tell from here, there should not be any sliding options specified for your layout. I can't think of anything else except that you upload a copy of your file to a share site so that we can download and examine the file.

                  Just out of curiosity, why would you insert a PDF as a quicktime movie instead of inserting it as a file?

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                    How do I attach the .FP7 database file in the Forum Post or must I reply directly to the email?

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                      Sorry about my previous post.  Throughout all of my posts I have always had my .PDF inserted as a Quicktime not a Text file.  The address is http://databasefiles.drmacintosh.net/ and the name of the file is Lease Agreement.fp7.  Depending on the browser of choice i.e. Safari, Chrome, Firefox and platform Macintosh vs Windows, you may need to right click or <CTRL>+Click and save the file than opening it directly.

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                        You can't attach files. Instead, you find the file sharing site of your choice, upload the file there and post the download link for that file here.

                        What I don't follow here is why you would insert the file as Quicktime. What problem does that solve for you here?

                        I'm suprised you can even do that given the fact that PDF files and quicktime files have very different formats. On my windows XP system, I get an error message if I try to use Insert Quicktime to insert a PDF file into a container field. By any chance, is this a web viewer rather than a container field?

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                          Just to give you a little information.  I solely work from an intel Macintosh with X.6.7 installed on it.  When creating a database to be run on a MS Windows computer, I need to create the Windows Runtime executable from Windows which warrants me to fire up my PC.  On a Macintosh unlike Windows it is possible to insert into a container field a .PDF as a Quicktime.  Since Quicktime is an Apple technology, it is much more flexible in how files are handled compared to Windows were there are more requirements.  Let's take a look at Runtime executables for a moment.  When one creates a Runtime from a Macintosh you get the Runtime, the .FP7 document/file & extensions folder containing languages & any applicable extensions used.  Now on Windows the Runtime consists of the same files on a Macintosh plus added .DLL/Windows system files to run correctly that are nonexistent on a Macintosh.  It is even recommended so that the files end up in the correct place that a custom installation application be used for distribution.  So what I am saying is that files imported as Quicktime now allow the .PDF to be viewed at a size larger than the skimpy container field that is so tiny that you can barely read it.  Theses are limitations to the text viewer &/or Adobe Reader which embed into the app viewed from or web browser.  The full version of Adobe Acrobat Standard/Professional allow for scaling.  This is the advantage of using Quicktime. Plus I can go to any location in the document directly unlike flipping through to the location I want in the document with the Adobe Reader &/or text viewer.

                          To answer you last question "By any chance, is this a web viewer rather than a container field?"  The answer is no, not that I am aware of.  Hope this clarifies a few things here & please ask if you have other questions.

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                            Thanks for the background. Some developers use a web viewer to make PDF's viewable for both platforms so that's why I asked here.

                            That leaves me with nothing more that I can suggest other than putting up a copy of the file so that others can examine it.

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                              I wanted to find out if putting up a copy of the file so that others can examine it would be done the same way you have explained this to me by giving out the address where on the file sharing site the file is located.  If not is there another way?

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                                No other way, there are many filesharing sites, some better, some worse than what I use. If you are concerned about others accessing the data in it, upload an empty copy (Save a copy as | Clone ).