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Container Field Drag

Question asked by DLake on Aug 5, 2010
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Container Field Drag & Drop & Double Click Open


I'm running FMP 8.0/8.5 in two diffent office locations with similar setups. 

In office 1, I created a container field in a networked/hosted database and I can drag & drop files into the field.  Double clicking the field opens the file in the native application and saving a modification back to the container is also automatic when I save from the native app.  I also have the options of Open Worksheet & Edit worksheet with a right click on the field (when it's an Excel file).   It's all good.

In office 2, I created the same container field in a hosted database.  Also a windows environment.  I can not drag & drop to populate the field.  I can "Import File" with a right click, but I can't double click to open the file once it's there.

I'm not using file references in either office.  My goal is to embed the file in the database.  HELP!  What the heck is the difference possiblities?