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Container field messes with text and fields when scrolling

Question asked by Billg on Jan 12, 2013
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Container field messes with text and fields when scrolling


     I don't really understand this but maybe someone will. Whenever I scroll left horizontally with a container visible at a screen resolution of 1440 X 900 and zoom at 150, the text and other field boxes will become, well for lack of a better term all screwed up (not in the screen shot, it doesn't do the same thing everytime). The text will become hieroglyphics and the text boxes will become extended and multiplied. It doesn't seem to affect the container field or the picture within. To correct the problem I simply change the zoom either up or down and the display looks normal again. It does not do this at 100%, and I don't know about over 150% as the scroll disappears because all fields are visible on screen. If I could I would just leave it at 100% but this requires alot of extra moves and scrolls and at under 100% it is difficult to see .  It does this in any database. OS 10.7.4, Filemaker 11.0V4.