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    Container Field Not displaying correctly



      Container Field Not displaying correctly


           I have FM 12 server installed on my desktop PC at work.  I have FM pro adv 12 installed on my laptop and I am able to connect remotely to my desktop PC.  I am able to export pdf items in container fields from my laptop but I cannot see them in the container field.   It says the program cannot display the webpage.  Any ideas why it does that??



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               I recently learned from TSGal that container fields that have been optimized for interactive content are actually specialized web viewers set up to look and act like a container field.

               I haven't seen that particular error message before, but I wonder if you have a port blocked by a firewall on your desktop that is keeping this from working. If your firewall is enabled, temporarily disable it and see if that corrects the problem. If so, you can research ports and your firewall settings to get the needed port opened.

               Also, make sure that your container field is not in the row of a portal. Interactive Container fields do not work when placed inside a portal.

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                 Cindy Herndon:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 The information from PhilModJunk is correct.

                 What is the exact error message displayed?  Make sure port 16000 is open.  Another forum member had a similar issue:

            Viewing PDF from container Opening Failure on FM GO

                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   Thank you.  Let me do a little research because when I checked the firewall on my desktop it indicated the firewall was off...


                   The message shown in the container is the same as if I am trying to connect to the internet and - I don't have an internet connection.