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    Container Field only showing on MAC



      Container Field only showing on MAC


      I think I may have posted this before, but I am still looking for a quick (simple) workaround for being able to veiw files loaded into container's on both mac and windows. I understand that the file path is different on both machines and that is the reason why I am only able to view the image from whichever machine loaded the files into the container. 


      Any help is much appreciated. 



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          What kind of files and how were they inserted?

          One option is to use FileMaker 12's new "external storage option".

          With older versions of FileMaker you are looking at a calculation field that computes the correct FilePath to the container field's file based on what platform is in use.

          It also requires that the directory to the image files be mapped and mounted with the same file path produced in this calculation field.

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            They are jpeg and they were inserted by importing an entire folder. Will external storage option work with it being stored on a server?

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              External storage can specify a location on the server for your inserted images. It is my understanding that one of the reasons this new feature was added was to solve this particular issue as well as to make "by reference" files accessible without also exposing the directory in which they are stored.

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                Google "define paths site:forums.filemaker.com"   Threads on these forums


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                  It is not a Mac vs Windows issue.  You can only share an external referenced container and see it using FMP12.  Even in FMP12 I don't think you can view mulitple photos inside a Folder in one container field.


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                    Hi Jim, 

                    The issue is with the mapping to the file on Windows and MAC. The format is different on each and that is why the loading of images on one system creates a bad direction for the other. I have tried setting up an external folder to fix this, but have not been successfull yet. I am wondering if it has to do with the file being pointed to on a server. Thanks for the feedback



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                      After attempting to use an external storage option, it resulted in an error. The error is in connection with using pointers to files rather than loading hard copies into the database. I ran a test and loaded the files into the database to check for latency ( you mentioned fmp11 being more responsive than fmp12). After the files were loaded and an external storage was set up, the searches ran smooth ( still much slower than pointers). 

                      My biggest concern is the updating of images already loaded into the database. Having 200 images to update is not a problem compared to a few thousand. That is why i preferred to use a pointers rather than loading the hard copies of images into the database. 

                      Maybe in FMP13, they will have solved the issue with mapping from seperate machines ( mac vs windows). It would have been nice if the code was imbedded rather than having to calculate it internally. 


                      Thanks for all your help:)


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                        External Storage should work with "store a reference" container fields and I would think that updating the storage options for a given container field to change it to "external" should result in copying the images to the new location with updated filepath info in the container field. THis assumes that you do this from a computer where the current filepaths in the container fields are valid.

                        I haven't tried this exact set up, however so I could be wrong. That's just my take on reading the help files and a few tests made here on a single computer.

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                          It does create a location for the files ( which worked great  for loading time ), but after logging in on the windows side the container is filled with just a thumbnail rather than the image itself. I haven't had any luck on being able to use only a reference to the file for both machines. What worked great on one machine only affected the other with reference to viewing. 

                          Considering 90%+ of us on the team only use Mac, it isn't that much of an issue. We will eventually share this cross platform and that is what I am preparing for. 

                          Thanks again!


                          I'll let you know what worked if I figure it out.



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                            A thumbnail of the image or just the icon that tells you there's a file in the container field?

                            Does using the Optimize for interactive content option on the inspector's data tab make any difference?

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                              The icon only shows up. I tried the optimizing box for interactive content and it stll fails to transfer any files. So far, my options are limited. I found information on the errors I was recieving upon transfer and it turned out that the pointer to the file does not help. 


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                                and it stll fails to transfer any files.

                                If you are seeing the icon, it would appear the file was transferred to external storage but for some reason is not being displayed in the container field. I wish I had both mac and windows platforms and a server available to test for this one to see if I can figure out the right combination of options to get it to work, but don't have that.

                                The "old" school approach is something I described in general terms earlier. A calculation that returns a container type can use an expression that extracts the filePath from your existing container file, but then modifies the file path to the format that will work for the current user's operating system. Generally speaking, it is usually only the first part of the file path: imagemac:volume name vs. imagewin:driveletter: that differs between the two.

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                                  I am very interested in this post, since i am working on doing the same thing.  So i will be repetitve only for claification.Innocent

                                  Facts [I think]

                                  1) Your database is on FMP12 server or HOST..

                                  2) Your external reference is on the Sever Computer not on external network drive.

                                  3) All users have FMP12 and OPEN REMOTE to access the DB.

                                  4) You specified in the File menu | Manage | Database | Fields (tab) | Container field | Options... | Storage | Check box Store container exterally | and finally assigned a file path relative to your Server DB


                                  Inserted a new pict file in that container field.  It will pause and transfer all past records to the new reference if it has changed. {you might do a test DB with just that one container field to speed up the test}

                                  After that....

                                  5) A Windows FMP12 computer OPEN REMOTE and can't see the file, but a Mac with FMP12 OPEN REMOTE can.

                                  If my summary Facts are true then you have a FMP12 bug, because the filepath is from the Server DB and has nothing to do with Window's File paths.




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                                         As 90% of your people work with Macintoshes: did you check whether the images were saved with thumbnails for Windows enabled in Photoshop ?