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Container Field Problem - MP3 Audio Sound file

Question asked by CarlTancredi on Oct 25, 2011
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Container Field Problem - MP3 Audio Sound file


I'm running a Mac Pro, Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.8 I have FileMaker Pro 11.0v4 and Amadeus Pro 1.5.5 to make audio files.
 I collect 45 r.p.m. records. THE PROBLEM: THE ENCHANTERS sang “True Love Gone.” I wanted the MP3 audio file to be next to  
 its song title.
 I highlighted the correct container field. I clicked <Insert >  <QuickTime>. The Insert Quick Time Window appeared. I  
 selected “True Love Gone.” The audio file went in the wrong container field. It appeared in THE FLAMINGOS container field. 
Please see screen shot  Screen_shot_2011-10-25_at_8.43.46_PM.png
 I experimented with 2 more MP3 audio files: “Money” and  “Cry” by THE MIRACLES. Each audio file landed in the placeholder row
 directly underneath THE MIRACLES row.

I apologize for not including the audio file screenshots for “Money” and ”Cry”. I didn't know how to make additional screenshots.
I'm new to FileMaker Pro 11. One of the reasons I chose this program was its multi-media capabilities. This is very frustrating.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Respectfully yours,   Carl