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Container Field Queries

Question asked by ShaikhAtta1238 on Jun 27, 2012
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Container Field Queries



         I am developing a digital library which will be used by users to upload XLS, DOC & PDF files in the container field. The database is hosted on the server and users access it from there. Regarding this I have the below queries

  1. When a file is upload into the database its stored or merged into it. Where I don't know but how can I make it such, that if any file is uploaded it is rather saved into a given path on the harddisk.
  2. Now if anyone wants to access the file they use the export function which makes it download onto the system and then the user is able to open it, how can I use some option so the file will open directly. e.g. If a user clicks an XLS file in the container it should open in Excel ?