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Container field question

Question asked by MarkMichaud on Sep 5, 2013
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Container field question


     Hopefully someone can guide me on using a container field in a database.  I'm working on a database that manages equipment inventory.  The inventory contains thousands of widgets, some of which are the same type of item. In other words, I might have 100 widgets that are all the same but have different serial numbers but have the same model number.  I track all the same type or model widgets as separate records in the database, each with it's unique serial number.   I could do this by importing a photo in each of the seperate records but I don't want to do this, as it's time consumming and sloppy.  I want to import one picture into the database for each type or model of widget.  When the record is pulled up of any of the 100 records for that model of widget,  a photo of that widget is shown on the screen. Can you offer suggestions on how I can do this?  Thanks!