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Container field rendering poorly when saved as PDF

Question asked by JamesRoland on Dec 17, 2010
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Container field rendering poorly when saved as PDF



The set up:

FMPA 11.0v2 on both Win 7 Home Premium and XP (SP3)

The issue:

Container field contents do not render properly (very low quality) when saved  as PDF.

These container fields contain Excel worksheets that have been entered as an  object (embedded, NOT linked); this is the desired method in this instance. They  display and print perfectly, exactly as desired; however, they also need to be  saved out as PDFs. The balance of the layout renders properly, it’s just these  container fields that do not. I have tried “printing” using cutePDF and the  results are a lot better, but the process cannot be easily automated (not by me  anyway :) ). Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.