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    Container field security



      Container field security


      1. What are the differences, if any, between a file being stored internally within the DB or securely external?

      2. What can you do to prevent a file being exported/ copied from a container field yet allow a user to interact with it (eg. pdf or QuickTime).

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          1) there are several differences. External means exactly that. The files are located on a directory external to FileMaker. As I understand it, the secure option encrypts these files so that some one cannot access the folder directly in order to access the files that were originally inserted into container fields in your database.

          2) use a container field "optimized for interactive content". This is a data format option that you select for a field while in layout mode. Then set up the users' privilege set(s) inside Manage | Security to not allow exporting data from the table where the container fields are defined.