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Container Field to open a pdf

Question asked by AlexMitchell on Aug 30, 2010
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Container Field to open a pdf



I am trying to setup a button where on a button click, a pdf document opens in its own application. Other postings on the web lead me to believe that this can be done with a container field. I am using Filemaker Pro 10 Adanced. However, this solution will be a standalone executable. 

My understanding is that the buttons script should be:

Go to Field [Select/perform; tablename::containerfieldname]

Two questions:

Is the notion of using a container field in this way accurate?

If so, HOW?

Here is what I am doing currently:

Put container field on layout, inserted my PDF into the container.

Created a script mentioned above in bold.

Assigned script to button.

When I click on the button a black box appears around the field, but instead of a PDF I get a sound recorder.

Any advice?