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Container Field with an 'upload' button

Question asked by beano129 on Feb 21, 2013
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Container Field with an 'upload' button


     Hi all, 

     I'm creating a webform at the moment which is a faulty product register. 

     I have added a container filed into my table and what i'm looking to do allow a user to uplaod any images that they have in a section on the form. 

     I would also like within that same section, little thumbnails section if the user uploads multiple images 

     I'm made an upload button that works when i'm using filemaker on my MAC but i can't seem to get the same thing working online via a web-browser. 

     Anyone got any ideas? 

     I've inserted the container filed into my form ready to display the images... i just want to get able to upload and view them now with the thumbnails so someone can flick through them. 


     Many Thanks