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    Container Field with an 'upload' button



      Container Field with an 'upload' button


           Hi all, 

           I'm creating a webform at the moment which is a faulty product register. 

           I have added a container filed into my table and what i'm looking to do allow a user to uplaod any images that they have in a section on the form. 

           I would also like within that same section, little thumbnails section if the user uploads multiple images 

           I'm made an upload button that works when i'm using filemaker on my MAC but i can't seem to get the same thing working online via a web-browser. 

           Anyone got any ideas? 

           I've inserted the container filed into my form ready to display the images... i just want to get able to upload and view them now with the thumbnails so someone can flick through them. 


           Many Thanks 

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               To where are they uploading the images? From where are they uploading it?

               If they need to upload an image file from their computer to FileMaker, this cannot be done via the web browser unless you can acquire a third party tool that adds this capability. I've heard mention of a tool called SuperContainer that, I think, offers this added capability. A frequent complaint about this product is that it is expensive.

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                 Hi Phil, 

                 Ok will no probs - what would be good through is giving myself the option to do it - i've managed to make the button work when I'm working on Filemaker on my mac but I've got to have clicked the container filed first... its like the container filed needs activating before the upload button will work...

                 Is there a way of bypassing this? So rather than having the filed as an active filed, it's more just a viewer and the upload button will allow me to navigate to pictures and upload them. 

                 thank you Phil 

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                   If you are not using a web browser, then a script can put the focus on a container field by using go to field to put the focus on the field (which is what you are doing when you click the container field.) The next step can be an insert picture script step.

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                     Hey Phil - Thanks again mate! 

                     So if I can get this correct, If i were to set up a scrip to run that would

                     1. put the focus on the container filed (using the go to filed command) 

                     2. insert a picture 

                     Can this but run when I or another user on filemaker directly were to click on the 'Insert Picture' button that I've already set up?

                     (p.s. - i've got a seminar booked to go to and then when I'm done i'll make sure that i've got the $20 training resources and I was even thinking of buying the For Dummies Book so hopefully with that and some time, i should be able to rely on these forms and your help a bit less!)  

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                       If your button is set up to perform this script, yes.