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Container field: Export HTML

Question asked by mmccarty on Jan 14, 2010
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Container field: Export HTML



  I created an instruction manual for my database in HTML.  I would like to have a button on the home page that will open this file for the user.  What I did was import my HTML document into filemaker (embedding).  Then the script attached to the button exports this document to the user's desktop and opens it automatically.  The problem is that the exported document is not the original one in the database.  The first page is similar although not the same and any buttons on the page get the "internet explorer can't find web page" error.


I'm assuming the problem has to do with different filepaths or how html works.  I'm not really sure because I don't know anything about html.  I was thinking about trying a web viewer but the page is not on the internet. 


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.