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    Container Fields



      Container Fields


      Hi Everyone,

      I am very new to FileMaker, and am having to learn everything I can in a short timeframe due to work.  In the FMP Adv. 12 Product Catalog starter solution, there is a set of four container fields that display their content in a "main" window - sort of like a slider.

      I was wondering whether there was a way to essentially duplicate that feature into another database?  I am VERY new to this, so I'm not certain how to program these fields.  I'd love to learn if there was a tutorial, but I haven't yet found one..


      Thanks in advance for any help!

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          Yes.  It just five container fields.  Four smaller container fields with a button setup to set the contents of the larger container field to the contents of the smaller field.

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            Okay, so I should be able to much quicker recreate this from scratch than by trying to copy over the scripts from the other database, correct?


            The only thing I'm not sure on is how to set up the "scrolling" or "onHover" -type command as it is presented in the "Product Catalog" starter solution.  Is there an in-depth tutorial available on how to do this?  Also, in general, where do people learn how to code in FileMaker?  I seem to have hit a major learning curve, which is a bit intimidating at this point.

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              Yes.  There are no scripts connect to these fields.  The fields are setup as button so when you click them they run a command to set the larger field.  You can change the hover state from the inspector.  Click the Appearance tab then there is a drop down list that has Normal state.  Just Change to Hoover, then you can make any chages you desire. 


              Filemaker  has training material that is very good and reasonable priced.  Also you get find several books at Amazon.com.  "Filemaker Pro 12 the missing manual" is a very good book also.  You can also get good information here on the forum. 




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                     Great!  Thank you!  I just purchased the training materials.