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Container Fields - differences between import and drag-and-drop

Question asked by MikeMcHugh_1 on Sep 12, 2012
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Container Fields - differences between import and drag-and-drop



     We are using FMPv10 under Windows 7.

     We have been populating container fields with pdf documents by importing them; to view the docs we have to export them. One of my colleagues recently "discovered" that if you populate the container field by dragging-and-dropping you can open the document simply by double-clicking.

     I was under the impression that an imported document was embedded, but a drag-and-drop document was simply linked ... but now I'm not so sure, and would appreciate some help/clarification.

     My colleague dragged a document into a container. He then deleted the ORIGINAL document (from his hard drive) and closed the db. When he re-opened the db the document icon was still in the container field and double-clicking opened it. How can this be - if the document was not embedded, shouldn't the link to it have been broken?

     Thanks for any conments/insight.


     Mike McHugh