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    Container fields and pop up menu



      Container fields and pop up menu


      I have a container field, c_StrategiesPage that I store PDFs.  I have a date field, Date_Strategies.  How do I get the container field to show the PDFs from pop up menu of the dates attached to them?

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          bumping this to see if anyone has any ideas


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            Will you have just one PDF associated with any given date?

            Will there be only one date associated with any given PDF?

            Or would selecting a date need to be able to show more than one PDF?

            Your pop up menu might be used with a relationship that matches records by date or you might set it up on a global date field with a scripted find that performs a find for a record or records with a matching date.

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              Yes one PDF for one given date.  I found your hierarch value list that I tried to use.  It works but I can not sort the dates by clients.  So one client would have all the dates created with PDF attached to those dates.  I would like it for dates associated with specific client that I can pick from drop down list and it shows me PDF for that client. 

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                Don't see any reason for your need for a hierarchical value list in your original post. Just pointing out that you haven't provided much detail here.

                Being able to select a client in field 1 and then seeing only the dates associated with that client in the value list for field 2 would be an example of a basic conditional value list so I can't see a reason for the more complex hierarchical methods

                But much depends on how you have setup your data in tables and relationships and this is information not yet available to me in this thread. A screen shot of Manage | Database | Relationships with some added commentary explaining your design would be helpful.

                I don't know if you found an old link that I used to post on conditional value lists or the following demo file download link. I'm including the newer download link as it provides much better examples of conditional value lists--both the basic conditional value list and several hierarchical value list  examples (10 different methods for setting up a CVL are demonstrated and documented.)

                "Adventures in FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists"