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    Container Fields and Value Lists



      Container Fields and Value Lists




      My problem is I have a container field holding manuals as .pdfs, I'm trying to make a value list so you can choose via a drop down the correct .pdf.


      I dont seem to be able to add a container field to a value list, so I've been trying to get the filename into a different field so I can add that field to the value list, but can't seem to figure out what the calculation should look like. 


      Does anyone have a pearls of wisdom? They would be very much appreciated.


      Many thanks.




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          Hi Angus,


          Are you storing the file in the container or as a reference?


          If you are storing the file in the container they you just need to create a calculated field that in set to text and the calculation simply needs to be the container field you store the file in, this will return the file name for you.


          If your storing a reference the same calculation will return the file path along with the name, so you need to add a bit more to the calculation to get the file name. Set everything up as previous but input the following as your calculation:


          RightValues ( Substitute ( Documents:: Document ; "/"; "¶")  ; 1)


          And this will give you your file name. 


          Then point your value list to this calculated field and perform any search for the file on that field.


          I hope this helps.

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            Thanks for the reply.


            The files are embedded into the Database. What would the calculation look like to fill the filename in a text field? I've tried/guessed at various things with no success.


            Many thanks,


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              If your table was Documents and the field was called Document then the calc would be


              Documents:: Document


              Just open the Calculation window and double click on the field from the field list on the top left and that will do the trick. 

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                Genius! Thanks... Very simple, I'm always trying to make this more difficult for myself.



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                  Hello everyone,


                  I have Filemaker and Bento both on trial, I'm leaning closer to buying Filemaker but I'm trying to organise a record list of container fields with folder aliases.  I can put individual files there easily enough, but I need to be able to reference folders (Directories for the Microsoft impeded - obviously I'm on a Mac.) 

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                    Thank you for your post.


                    At this time, Container fields will only store files, sounds, movies, etc. documents.  If you want to link to an entire folder, then you may want to consider creating a related table to put each document in the folder into separate records in the related table.


                    If you need clarification, please let me know.



                    FileMaker, Inc. 

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                      Is there any way to create a value list that is populated by container fields?


                      I am trying to add a sort of "jump list" to my layouts that uses a series of icons, rather than textual choices.  Is this possible?

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                        Not exactly, but you can get pretty close. Use a portal that lists your icons and set up the container field as a button that performs the go to layout step you need when the icon is clicked. (a second field in the portal can be either the name or number of your layout and your go to layout step can use the "by calculation" option to refer to it in order to select the correct layout.)

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                          Thanks for the tip.  Anyway to hide these portal rows away however?  What I'd ultimately like to do is turn our corporate logo on the corner of every layout to a jump-to list, so I don't want the rows to be visible at all times, only when the logo is clicked.  I know I could have a script open a window that's appropriately sized and just offers the container fields but that seems messy and creates too many opportunities for user error.

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                            Two approaches come to mind:


                            Make two layouts, one with the portal visible and placed for selection and one is your normal layout. Make them identical in every detail save for the portal. Clicking your logo on the original layout switches to the new layout to "drop down" your layout. Selecting a portal row on this layout selects a layout. Clicking the logo on this layout returns you to the original layout to once again hide the logo. (You can even cover the entire layout behind the portal with one giant invisible button so that clicking anywhere but in the portal row returns you to the first layout and thus "hides" the portal.)


                            The other option you've already dismissed: put the list of icons in a small new window (you don't even need a portal for this, it can be table or list view.) I wouldn't rule that out so quickly. With the right scripting, this can be made pretty bullet proof. I use that technique with some scripted finds to present the user with a list of matching records to click to see a detail view of the record thus clicked.