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    Container fields export



      Container fields export


           When placing image files in container fields, Filemaker 13 generates JPG files. Is it possible to show these JPG files in another field (by calculation ?) so that remote users using webdirect can download these JPG files instead of the varied types of files that were input in the container (single page PDF, TIF, PSD, etcetera).


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                    When placing image files in container fields, Filemaker 13 generates JPG files.

               Do you mean thumbnails of the inserted files? This is true only if the file is an image file and the file has external storage specified. This is a low res copy of the image and I wouldn't think that downloading it would provide the user with a file of much use to them.

               There is a Get Thumbnail function (won't work with PDF's) that can put a thumbnail of an image with specified resolution into another container field, but it is not clear from the documentation whether the thumbnail of a png file, for example, will be a JPG or PNG file type. You could try it and see what you get.

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                 For every image in the container fields, FM Server generates a high resolution RGB JPG. (Input files are mostly CMYK, 300dpi - user types or copies full path to file, which is then imported via script:

                 Go to Field (Field)

                 Set Variable ($PicturePath; Value: contents of field where path is typed)

                 Insert picture ("$PicturePath")

                 File formats may be PSD or TIF). See attached screenshot. In my current solution (FMPro Server 12 + IWP), I had a web viewer to these JPG images. Switching to FMPro Server 13 eliminates IWP/webviewer possibility. I would like to mimic this and display the JPGs for download in a field.

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                   But these aren't converted to jpg images. Insert Picture does not change the file format. They'll be whatever format they had when inserted.

                   For WebDirect, I recommend setting up a container field with external storage. It's my undestanding that any file inserted into such a container field will be accessible to your web clients.

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                     These jpg files do get generated automatically whenever another file type is inserted into a container with external storage. If it is not Filemaker Server that generates these jpg files, where do they come from? Server has no plug-ins whatsover installed. Server computer however is Mac OS X server (Lion mountain or Mavericks 10.9.2). 

                     These jpg files have the same dpi resolution as the original, only converted to RGB color space. See size in screenshot. They always get generated the moment the original is stored externally (see image creation date and time in screenshot).

                     is there a function or calculation to dynamically retrieve the path to the externally stored container file? Then I could retrieve the JPG file into another container by substituting whatever extension with 'jpg'. I want the enduser (webdirect) to be able to download the JPG files, because the users that will download them will be using these pictures in Office applications only, and Office does not like CMYK files. The originals are CMYK 300dpi because they are used in prepress programs such as Indesign and Photoshop.

                     Suggestions are most welcome. Otherwise some hard coding might be needed.

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                       Go to Field [container1]

                       Set Variable [$jpg; Value: Substitute (Get(ActiveFieldContents); (".tif" ; ".jpg") ; (".psd" ; ".jpg") ]

                       Insert File [container2 ; $jpg]