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Container Fields Not "Interactive" After Migration

Question asked by ktalley on May 23, 2013
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Container Fields Not "Interactive" After Migration





     I recently migrated a FM11 database to FM12. I haven't noticed any hiccups the past few months until I tried to create a container field that has interactive content. I'm wanting to view PDFs in the container field. When I mark the container field to "optimize for interactive content" in layout mode, the Insert Menu does not display PDF or Audio/Video after selecting the container field in browse mode. However, if I create a new database in FM12, the interactive nature of a container field works as expected.


     Could this be a problem with the conversion? I have tried creating new container fields in a few different tables with the same results. The file is hosted by FMS, but it still does not work when I try on a local copy. I have the same issue on Mac OS 10.8 and Windows 7. Thank you for your suggestions.