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    Container fields not opening with Go to Field [Select/perform]



      Container fields not opening with Go to Field [Select/perform]


      I have a table with a container field storing a PDF document. My users click a button where I have a script with a Go to Field [Select/perform; Table::Container field] so the PDF opens for the user. Everything works fine in FMP 12.

      I recently installed FMP 13 advanced and started testing my applications, and this particular feature doesn't work.

      You click the button to open the PDF and nothing happens. I don't even get an error message.

      Any ideas on why this could be heppening only in FMP13 ?

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          This go to field method or double clicking the container field in order to open the original file requires that very specific details be in place.

          The file must have been inserted with the Insert File menu option or script step.

          The "store a reference" option must be specified when the file was inserted.

          The container field cannot be "optimized for interactive content".

          External storage cannot be specified in storage options for your container field.

          You may want to use Export Field Contents to open the file to the temporary folder instead of using Go to Field. Export Field contents will not be affected by any of the above factors.

          You'd use a $Path variable to specify the temporary folder. If you haven't worked with $path variables before, you might want to see this thread: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts

          But since this is a PDF, you might also consider setting up a layout with a large format copy of your container field optimized for interactive content and use it to display the pages of your PDF file. You can either switch layouts or open a new window and then switch layouts to this layout as an alternative way to access the PDF. This requires using Insert PDF to insert the file into an interactive container field.

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