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    Container fields Win vs. Mac



      Container fields Win vs. Mac


      Is there a difference on how container fields work on a Mac vs Win?

      I have a Mac and everything I build is on a Mac.  A user added a file to a container field with the "store only a reference" checked.  The file that was inserted is stored on our server.

      I was able to open the file, the user who inserted the file was able to open it.  Then a Windows user tried to open the file in the container field and received an error that the operation coudn't be completed.  He is signed into our server...

      I don't know jack about Windows computers - he is using Windows 7.  Any thoughts?

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          Unfortunately the reference used for a file inserted via Mac is likely different from the text inserted via windows. The data used to reference the file even differs depending on the insert method used. Insert File does not insert the same data as Insert Picture.

          If interested, you can define a calulation field that returns text and place the field name of the container field  as the sole term in the field's calculation expression. You can then place fhis field next to the container field sized to be at least three text rows tall and you'll see what the text inside the container field looks like and how it differs between the two operating systems.

          To get an effective cross platform method for accessing these files, you can use a web viewer or a calculation field that has "Container" as it's return type, but which calculates the file reference appropriate to the current user's operating system.