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Container fields woes

Question asked by Porpoise on Jul 8, 2014


Container fields woes



     1. Drag and drop to a container field is very slow. The client is a 2014 MacBook Pro 15" and the server is a 2014 Mac Pro, both with SSDs, so the hardware seems fast enough. Dropping a 49 KB PDF takes approx. 1 min. 15 sec, during which Filemaker Pro is completely unresponsive.

     The container field is external, and it doesn't matter whether the field is open or secure.
     The layout field is optimized for interactive content, and Reduce or enlarge image to fit is checked.

     2. Optimizing for images gave another problem. Users complained that when dragging the content out of Filemaker, they got a low resolution version of the content. It seems like the thumbnail.

     As I didn't find any other complaints about this behavior, could anybody here confirm that this is normal? Thanks in advance.