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    Container Fields, Folder aliases



      Container Fields, Folder aliases


      Hello everyone,


      I don't know if it's possible, but I want to put a folder alias into a container field, so I can easily refer to relevant (text or pdf etc) files for each client I have.  Bento does this.  Putting individual files into container fields is cumbersome and inefficient (I might as well use Finder), having a fixed button opening the one folder also means I might as well use Finder.


      For those who are suffering from microsoft, Finder is part of Mac OSX.


      I am running Snow leopard, on a MacBook 13" (Aluminium unibody).  Filmaker is the latest version, I've got it on trial before I buy.  I am new to Filemaker but have some idea of databases. 

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          MyReality wrote:


          For those who are suffering from microsoft..

          Those are indeed very happy by using the web viewer.

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            Just a quick shot at this (I'm supposed to be finishing a file :-). On Windows I believe you can see a folder listing (as text) in a Web Viewer. On a Mac you cannot; not sure why. Bento is able to do this (you say; I've not used it) because it is Mac only, and has some built-in features to do this kind of thing. FileMaker is cross-platform, and more of a "build it yourself" database. I wish they would include more built-in file access and manipulation (such as access to SQLite databases as External Data sources); I think this may be in FileMaker's future, but not here now.


            Here and now you can fairly easily run an AppleScript to list the files of a folder and return it to a FileMaker field. You could then do something to make it look prettier and more useful. It is possible to make each file name clickable. It is also possible to show referenced image files in container field(s).


            It is also possible to make the above happen dynamically, without needing a button. There are (were) free plug-ins available to do this (zippShell, bBox).



            But support for them can evaporate. FileMaker 10's script triggers could take their place however, by running an AppleScript on some other action (such as Tab Object).


            It is also possible to do the above with "Find" capability, i.e., find (via command line, either 'find' or 'mdls', Spotlight's tool), files matching criteria, wherever they are on the disk.


            But you'd have to build it. The question is, as you say, "Why do all this work, why not use the Finder?" The answer would have to be, "Because the database has information, search ability, etc. which I want to use." 

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              Thank you for your post.


              In Bento, you cannot place an alias into a Media field (similar to FileMaker Pro's Container field).  However, in Bento, you can place the alias in a File List field.  Although this seems like it would be similar to Insert File with a Container field, it is not.  FileMaker Pro will only allow filenames or aliases that resolve to filenames; not folders.


              The reply from "Fenton Jones" is excellent (Thank you!).



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                   While you are unable to place a folder or folder alias in a container field, you are able to place the path to the folder or alias in a text field. With a bit of AppleScript, you can make inserting the folder or alias path and opening the folder or alias very simple.