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Container Fields:  FileMaker Pro 13 - "Object Not Found..." message

Question asked by bgelly on Nov 26, 2014


Container Fields:  FileMaker Pro 13 - "Object Not Found..." message


The Environment:

Filemaker Pro Server 13 running in a Windows Environment

Solution:  Has 2 Files, Main file references the 2nd file which is called doc_storage.

Doc_storage has 3 fields, one of which is a container field to store Invoice PDF's and another is the key between the primary file and the secondary file.

In the doc_storage file, Manage Containers has been set to store the container data externally on the Filemaker Server in a specified directory.

The container field in the doc_storage file has been set to store the container data externally.

All of the above is working correctly.  When I Insert a PDF into the container field, the PDF document is loaded to the FileMaker Pro server in the directory I have specified. I have confirmed this by navigating to the directory on the FileMaker server.

The issue:

On a layout in the doc_storage file I have placed 2 copies of the container field I have set-up to store the PDF documents.

One of these has the Images option turned on and one of these has the Interactive Content option selected.  I have done this for testing purposes.

If I click into the container field (with Interactive Content) and right click to Insert PDF, I can select a PDF document and insert it into the Container Field.  Again, this works and the file gets stored on the FileMaker Server. The issue is that the Interactive Content container field displays the following message "Object not Found!   The requested URL was not found on this server....."

However, the container field set to Images shows the PDF file in the container field but from what I understand the only way to view this is to Export the file to a temp directory on the end users desktop and then open it in a PDF viewer.  My preference is to not have the end user store the PDF file their desktop each time they want to view an invoice.

After speaking with Filemaker support, they indicated that FileMaker and Adobe Acrobat Reader do not get along together.  It was suggested that I use a third party PDF reader like Foxit or Nitro.  So I uninstalled Adobe Reader, installedFoxit first (no luck - same Object not Found message) so I tried Nitro and again the same message.

So, my preference for the end users is to be able to view the PDF in a container field that I have set up as Interactive Content.  What is the best workable method for viewing the PDF file interactively if this can be done?  If it cannot be done, then what other options are there.  End users work on a PC.

I have reviewed Filemaker Help, a number of suggestions and posts on the web, but I have not yet found a solution to this issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you