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Container File Reference that Works for Both Mac and Windows Users

Question asked by RayMentor on Jan 4, 2010
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Container File Reference that Works for Both Mac and Windows Users


I'm up against an issue that has been discussed on this board before. I have a LAN solution at a client's that was originally an all Mac network. Recently, PC clients were added. The database has container fields displaying PDF's. The actual PDF docs are stored on a Mac server.


Problem is that the PDF's are visible to the Macs (they were placed there by Mac users originally), but INVISIBLE to the new Windows PC's. To add insult to injury, any PDF placed by a Windows user is INVISIBLE to the Macs.


I've read through some of the suggestions that have been made elsewhere on this forum. However, I'm not able to understand the suggestions well enough to implement any of them successfully.  Is there a fully documented, step by step example of how to handle this problem? I gather I need to create a calculated text field with the proper "path" and that field is set for a "container" result. Seems like it's a common enough issue there would be something in the official Filemaker documentation to cover it, but I haven't found it yet.


Thanks in advance for any help. What I really need is an idiot's guide for this niggling little bugger....