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Container Files

Question asked by Mark_M on May 7, 2015
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Container Files & External Storage


Environment = FM 12 Advanced / FM 12 Server

Currently scripts load documents (PDF) into a container field via insert the file.  If the container field already has a file in it, then that file is over-written.  During development I've just used internal storage.  But as I get ready to deploy the final solution I'm weighing internal v. external storage.

With external storage what happens?  When a replacement document is loaded to a container that already has a document in it, Is the external file deleted from the contain and the external storage location and then replaced by the new file?  Since file names include a date/time stamp no two files will have the same exact name.  Or do I have to explicitly delete the per-existing file (if one exists) prior to loading the new file so that "orphaned" files are not left on the external server storage location?