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    Container images and paths in text field



      Container images and paths in text field


      Hello everybody! 

      I have a small issue, I would like to as help about:


      I have two field, a text one and a container one. I have created a following script:
      Set Field [Catalog::Picture; "imagewin:/C:/Program Files (x86)/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced/WEB/" &  Catalog::Picture Location 

      I have connected the script with a buton, and now i just enter 1.jpg for example, and it shows in Container field.

      The problem is when I go to the IWP, it just shows blank! Am I doing something wrong, or this just dont work?


      Plese, plese, plese help! 

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          As a test. what happens if you use Insert Picture to insert an image file from the web folder as a "by reference" image? Does the image in that container field show an image when you then use a web browser to access the database?

          Is the file path you show the host system's web folder or the client's?

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            I found the answer to this one!

            I inserted image in the container, and them made a calculation for the fild to display the command behind the insert, so there were two lines representing the location of the image first beeing the :

            imagewin:/C:/Program Files (x86)/...

            which I was allready using, but then I tryed, out of curiosity the :

            image:../../../Program Files (x86)/...

            path, and now it works like a charm! Altho there is a field where You just enter something like Image.jpg and another that has a calculation of a path. So now You just click a "Upload" button that has a few simple steps to bind all of the fields togeteher and shazam! 

            It works just fine now!

            As I said in another post, I am a newbie in a world of FileMaker, but I had some victories ower the las couple of days! :)