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    container images; resize through PHP



      container images; resize through PHP


      So, I successfully can display an image from container via php by first setting the header: header('Content-Type: image/jpg');

      Then, getting the container data in string format from the url: $fm->getContainerData($_GET['-url']);


      But why can I not read this string data into GD Image using: imagecreatefromstring($fm->getContainerData($_GET['-url']));


      As images vary in format and pixel size I need to resize them (and save them as thumbnails on the webserver for speedy access). 


      GD Version: 27

      PHP version: 5.2.6  


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          You need 2 images: for PHP thumbnail and for PHP full size image.

          You can use some of known PHP techniques to solve this.

          Or get 2 images from FileMaker (via FM PHP API) - reduced via Image editor to thumbnail size (FileMaker on layot scale not reduce) and full size Image.

          Second variant is more interesting because you cam avoid to upload images to webserver.