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container increases file size enormously

Question asked by slam_1 on Feb 11, 2009
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container increases file size enormously


Running FileMaker Pro 8.5 on Windows XP


I created a database to organize about 2000 PDF files.  All the PDF files are one page long, letter-size document.  The main layout has a container field for a PDF to be inserted as an object.  The field is big enough to show the PDF at approx. 80% of its original size. 


Currently, I have 75 records in the data base.

The size of the folder that has all the PDF is 1.69MB. 

The database file is  340MB. 


Isn't this rather absurd?  The PDFs are not embedded or inserted as files in the databse.  


I have experimented with Super Container.  But on Windows XP, it doesn't generate a preview image of PDF documents.  One of the uses of this database is to generate an "album" of PDFs via find and sort, and print it.  So it is essential that PDF is displayed in FMP without having to open it in Acrobat.


Are there ways to reduce the database file size?   This is not even 5% of the total records that we need to organize, and at this rate, the final database will be 7GB!


Please advise.