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    container increases file size enormously



      container increases file size enormously


      Running FileMaker Pro 8.5 on Windows XP


      I created a database to organize about 2000 PDF files.  All the PDF files are one page long, letter-size document.  The main layout has a container field for a PDF to be inserted as an object.  The field is big enough to show the PDF at approx. 80% of its original size. 


      Currently, I have 75 records in the data base.

      The size of the folder that has all the PDF is 1.69MB. 

      The database file is  340MB. 


      Isn't this rather absurd?  The PDFs are not embedded or inserted as files in the databse.  


      I have experimented with Super Container.  But on Windows XP, it doesn't generate a preview image of PDF documents.  One of the uses of this database is to generate an "album" of PDFs via find and sort, and print it.  So it is essential that PDF is displayed in FMP without having to open it in Acrobat.


      Are there ways to reduce the database file size?   This is not even 5% of the total records that we need to organize, and at this rate, the final database will be 7GB!


      Please advise.

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          Hi Slam, and welcome to the forum,


          If you embed the file in the record it will indeed balloon the file extremely quickly - I'd say you're 7GB is an underestimate...  But I have never had the problem if I make sure than the 'Store reference only...' is ticked in the 'Insert...' dialogue box.


          I am intrigued that you are having the problem even though you say 'they are not embedded'.  I do this and it works perfectly every time:


          - Right-click in the container field

          - Select 'Insert picture' (not 'Insert file', or 'Insert object')

          - Make sure than the 'Store reference only...' is ticked



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               The poster's remark "it is essential that PDF is displayed in FMP without having to open it in Acrobat" suggests that the files are indeed embedded.
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              Hi Alan,


              Thank you so much for your post.  Much appreciated.

              As you point out, when a picture is inserted and stored as reference only, the database file size increase is minimal.  However, FileMaker seems to work differently with OLE.

              I brought in PDFs to the container by:

              - Insert an object
              - Create from a file
              - Check “Link”
              - Leave “Display as icon” unchecked (so the contents of the PDF are displayed instead)
              - Browse and choose a PDF to insert

              In the “Insert Object” dialog box, it says:
              “Result: Inserts a picture of the file contents into your document. The picture will be linked to the file so that changes to the file will be reflected in your document.”

              Is it possible that FMP is creating a “picture” of the PDF and storing it in the database? If so, is there a workaround to keep FMP from hoarding bytes?

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                Thank you for pointing out the embeddedness(?) of the PDFs.  After posting a reply to Alan, I came to realize that OLE objects are indeed linkedandembedded in FileMaker Pro.  Duh!  What I find amazing is that the picture of a PDF that FMP creates and stores is so huge.  





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                  Oh, I'm amazed by many more things than that! 



                  - why does FM balloon the file size?  Dunno.  Have to imagine it is something about FM not being good at replicating the storage method of the native application... or something.

                  - why do so many of you guys want to do 'Insert Object..'?  I only ever 'Insert File...' and it does everything that I want.  What am I missing that is so desireable?

                  - and My Favourite Hobby-Horse: why does Filemaker not advertise / document / help us more with creating, for example, an Excel file right there in that record, in that container field, that when you double-click it it opens, from within FM, with all the features of Excel.  I discovered this years ago and the only downside was a problem with making the Excel window zoom consistently, and... the size of the file.


                  And yes, I do realise that query #3 may be the answer to query #2!  But I'm still interested: as I say, 'Insert file...' does everything I want now.



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                    Hi Alan -

                    Perhaps my set-up is too old, or I haven't figured out the right settings...

                    With my current set-up (FileMaker Pro 8.5 on Windows XP), "Insert file" does not display the contents of a PDF. If I insert a PDF with reference only option, FM creates a shortcut to the chosen file. When I double click on the shortcut, FM opens ACROBAT and opens the PDF. If I insert a PDF without clicking on "store only a reference to the file" option, FM displays a PDF icon with the file name, and that's it. Clicking or double clicking on the icon won't open the PDF. It's the same situation with an EXCEL file or a WORD file.  I wonder what is wrong with my settings.

                    "Insert object" will display the contents either I embed or link the PDF.  This makes it possible to create an album/catalog of PDFs and print it (either as a dead-tree version or an electronic version in PDF). 

                    BTW, I was mistaken in my last post. Technically speaking, the PDFs were linked, but not embedded. But enough about that!