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    Container Links



      Container Links


           Hi all

           I have a container field that is used to link PDF files (linked - not embedded)

           I can see those files on all PC computers but the macs show "file cannot be opened"

           will this have something to do with the storage options on the container field?



           I would also like to store all these files on our server - MAC server

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               It's possible. If the "store a reference" option was selected when inserting the PDF, the filepath entered into the container field won't be a valid filepath on the Mac systems when the file is inserted on a windows machine.

               But if you are using FileMaker 12 or newer and have selected the "external storage" option for the container field, this should not be the issue. But also make sure that you do not use the "store a reference" option when inserting into an externally stored container field.