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    Container of photo issue



      Container of photo issue


      I am having an issue with my photos not being tied to a specific file in another table. Here is the setup:

      DeviceTable: DeviceID (autonumber,unique)

      PhotoTable:PhotoID (autonumber, unique)

      PhotoTable:Photo (container)

      PhotoTable: DeviceID_fk (foreign key linking Device to photo.

      When I go to put a portal in to view the photos that are linked to the device and I scroll from one device to the next. The photos do not change. I am just not understanding. I have other fields setup the same way and they go just fine but for some reason this container field is not working for me. Any help is appreciated.



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          You appear to have this relationship:

          DeviceTable::DeviceID = PhotoTable::DeviceID_fk

          With such a relationship, each record in Phototable should be able to store a different image or reference to an image file.

          Enter layout mode and double click your Photo field. Note the name that appears in the drop down at the top of the specify field dialog.

          Then close this dialog and compare that name to the one that appears in Show Records From when you double click the portal to bring up the Portal Setup... dialog. Both drop downs should show exactly the same name. If they don't, double click Photo, select the correct table occurrence name from the drop down and reselect the Photo field if it is not already highlighted. Then check to see if the portal now displays the correct image in each portal record.

          Also, make sure that Photo does not have global storage enabled and switch to a layout based on the PhotoTable so as to examine each record there to make sure that you haven't somehow inserted the same image in every record's container field.

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            Thank you. apparently it was something in the way I setup the table or maybe a problem when I made changes to the serial numbering of deviceID. I deleted the photo table and reconstructed it and then when I placed the portal on the layout it fixed the issue. Thank you for your help phil. You are awesome!