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Container Reference File

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Jun 17, 2011
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Container Reference File


Hello Experts,

I am looking for solution to achive this.I have fmp solution which has 2 tables. 01: orders 02:external_files

order_id =External_files::o_id (allow to create record via this relation ship)

I need to store external files which is related to that order in same database, so i created new contaner fild in external files and access from order using portal. here i upload all the scaned docs / other pdf etc

The Problem, when i upload all other external files in to the container Filemaker Database get enlarge. So i linked this as reference. But i wanted to keep all my reference files in order. is there any other good solution for this ?

i am planing to host this in Filemaker Server and use it with another people, if so what is the best way Keep this ?

Thanks in Advance