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Container references to files on a virtual drive

Question asked by JosephSchueller_1 on Apr 3, 2014
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Container references to files on a virtual drive



     We've got PDF files stored on a server that is split into virtual drives. Some of the filemaker users map to virtual drive "J:" and some to "K:". They are really the same network location, different only in name. I don't know why the powers that be set the network up this way, it's a big place. 

     This makes a problem when I insert a PDF to a container field; the file path references drive "K:", so the folks who map to the same file via "J:" can't see it. 

     This can be overcome by changing the references to include the fully qualified domain of files, but the Insert PDF script step defaults to using the file path containing the virtual drive. 

     Has anybody encountered this or possessed of an idea how to force the script step to use the absolute reference to the file location?