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Container with External Image Storage using same image name

Question asked by KevinSmith on Jun 5, 2013
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Container with External Image Storage using same image name


     FileMaker 12 allows one to store images externally with it managing the storage of the image files. I read a blog post today which said "If you insert two files of the same name, the previously stored file will be overwritten." The blog suggests that in order to avoid this risk it's vital to store each image separately using a path such as  this one:. "/ImageField/" & Get ( RecordID ) & "/" This got me panicked, so I did some testing.

     The good news is that FileMaker 12 is clever enought to recognise when you've inserted the same image file into multiple container records. In this case it only stores the image once saving space on the disk.

     So then I tried to trick it by giving a different image the same name. Instead FileMaker saved the new image with a suffix "Image_1.jpg" preserving the original "Image.jpg". Good, FileMaker's behaving responsibly.

     Can we trust that it will always recognise that the image pasted in the container is a new image even if it has same name and possibly size as a previous image?  What criteria does FileMaker 12 use to determine if an image is unique?