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Container with pdf - Set field only showing icon

Question asked by NicolayFlaaten on May 21, 2013
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Container with pdf - Set field only showing icon


     I have a Mail system in Filemaker, and incoming mails with attachments is populating a attatchment database.

     In the script I use the Set Field,  pointing to the Container field, and the content is fetched with the External Script from Dacons Mailit Plugin:Emai_PopGetAttachment( Messages_SYSTEM::Current Attachment; "all" )

     The container is filled with the pdf, and it can be exported and viewed, but it shows only the pdf icon in the container field.

     If I export the content, and use drag and drop on the container field, it shows the pdf content.

     Why does the container field only show the icon when I use the Set Field script step? It is formatted for Interactive content.