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    Container with pdf - Set field only showing icon



      Container with pdf - Set field only showing icon


           I have a Mail system in Filemaker, and incoming mails with attachments is populating a attatchment database.

           In the script I use the Set Field,  pointing to the Container field, and the content is fetched with the External Script from Dacons Mailit Plugin:Emai_PopGetAttachment( Messages_SYSTEM::Current Attachment; "all" )

           The container is filled with the pdf, and it can be exported and viewed, but it shows only the pdf icon in the container field.

           If I export the content, and use drag and drop on the container field, it shows the pdf content.

           Why does the container field only show the icon when I use the Set Field script step? It is formatted for Interactive content.


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               Well, I'm not sure how the "Dacons Mailit Plugin:Emai_PopGetAttachment" exactly works.

               I do know that PDF's can have that problem when not using the "Insert PDF" or "Insert File" script steps. ("Insert File" I think may only work on Mac, otherwise it shows the icon, as well.)

               If you have it filled in already with just the icon, you can script it to export somewhere that's designated for this, and use the "Insert PDF" script step to enter in the field again correctly.

               Hope that Helps (HTH)