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container, multiple files and storage path

Question asked by grouper on Oct 15, 2014
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container, multiple files and storage path


Hi all

My database basic structure outline is : clients-------<appointments----------<data. I 've set up table occurrences and everything works ok with that. One of the data fields is a container, which I 've put in a portal. Basically, how it works is the user drags a file into the portal and creates a new object for that appointment.

Container files are saved externally, in a path relative to the DB. It is very important for the overall functionality to automatically create structured subdirectories in this external path that make sense, so that the user can go on and access the container objects even without opening the database. So i 've created a script that automatically generates a path and saves each object that is dragged into the container field. It goes like : /containers/clientname_id/appointmentdate/[object]. This works fine.

Many clients come with data on a CD/DVD that contain multiple files that are unreadable by FM (i.e. dicomm images). All these images are on a specific folder, which I 'd like to drag and drop on a DB container field; not for viewing them directly through FM, but for automatically saving them in the client&date specific directory, which the user can access. The DB would just let him know that such files exist in that directory. It seems that the container field cannot receive a whole folder.

Is there any way around this?