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           I'll electronically receive a txt file into a container.

           Is there a better way to get the info from the container, rather than the export field contents?

           If it use the export, i then have to go get it again...

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               Importing the text into a fileMaker table with Import records instead of inserting it into a container field comes to mind...


                    If it use the export, i then have to go get it again...

               Only if you've changed the file and then, if you used a $$Path variable to specify the location and file name for the export, you also have all that you need to easily find and re-insert the file, it can be as simple as putting a "save" button on your layout that uses that global variable to find and re-insert the file.

               On the third hand, if you inserted the text file with "store a reference", you can double click to open the file, edit it, save changes and close and there is no need to re-insert as the file does not reside in the database to begin with, just a reference to the actual file wherever it is located.