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Containers and selecting which image appears in a layout

Question asked by ijontichy on Aug 19, 2011
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Containers and selecting which image appears in a layout


I'm working with several hundred film clips and I have a variety of still frames representing these clips.

And I have a table for these images that relate via  a matched serial number into another layout.


What I'd LOVE to do is be able to script it such that the container in this other layout would show the picture of my choice rather than just Image 1.


Any thoughts?    I don't want to have 5-6 identical layouts where the only difference is which image is portaled into the layout.   But if that's what's necessary, it gets me closer.   Ideally, I'd be able to pick the MOST representative frame and have that choice stick and show up in several layouts.


Essentially, I wish there was a way to script / portal a container.   If there's one and I simply don't know it, I will be grateful when the blinders are removed.


Thanks in advance.