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    Containers and sliding...



      Containers and sliding...



      To give you some context, we have a FMDB that we've created to resolve problems between dispatchers and field units in a 911 operation.  We create reports for the field supervisors to show the crews. Among other things the report contains screen shots from the dispatch center.  They are all in containers.  I've built the report out to have all of the useful containers making it a 3 page report.  If these containers have nothing in them, I thought I could use sliding to take all of the empty containers out shrinking the report down to 1 or two pages. I've tried aligning them to left and top as suggested in other forum posts. It's not working.  I have a header, a footer and body parts.  The containers are all in the body part.  Not sure how to proceed.


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          Hi Geoff,

          As long as the container image is aligned top, the container field DOES reduce in size and reduce the size of the part. I wonder if something else is hanging it up.  I assume you have verified that all objects are selected and set to 'slide' and 'also reduce enclosing parts.'  If a single line or object within the body is not set properly, your slide will fail.  Also, you must be in Preview mode for the slide/reduce to work.

          So as to be sure that everything that needs to be selected is selected when you apply the sliding attributes, you might like to try working in reverse; select all, then hold the shift key and de-select anything you don't want to slide. Then apply the sliding settings and it will likely be a different story.  If not, I might suggest providing a link to your file and let someone take a look.  If you cannot do that, then possibly you can private message someone and email them your file for quick check.

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            Thanks.  I read in other posts that you need to align top and left.  I select all of the containers, then when I align Top, all of the fields stack on top of each other.  Then to verify it, I save (in preview mode) as a PDF and the it doesn't show the next container in line.


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              You don't use Align > Top which, as you've found, will stack the containers on top of each other.  Instead, you align the graphic within the container ... place the containers where you want then and then individually select the first container and set its graphic display to top (Inspector > Data tab > Data Formatting and Alignment.  Select the fourth icon 'align to top' and no, you don't need to set the graphic to left as some people think.  Top is all that matters for reducing. 

              Repeat with each container. :^)

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                I'm in filemaker pro v11.3, I go to the inspector into the Position Tab, (that appears to be where the sliding and alignment menus are) and the alignment buttons don't work (they're grayed), unless you select more than one field.  When I select them all, they stack.  I've tried printing from that, it still isn't working.  I tried arranging them in order (in the stack) to see if that makes a difference. No help.  There are 4 containers that spread over 3 pages (with pertinent info as a header).

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                  I said,  "(Inspector > Data tab > Data Formatting and Alignment. "

                    Move the containers back apart.  And set the graphic alignment within the container as I've indicated - at the Data tab.  LOL

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                    Sorry, I didn't see what you were talking about and didn't make the leap to press the container button in that tab.  I found it and it totally works  Thanks so much for your time!  A true filemaker hero!