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Containers and sliding...

Question asked by GeoffreyMartin on May 13, 2011
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Containers and sliding...



To give you some context, we have a FMDB that we've created to resolve problems between dispatchers and field units in a 911 operation.  We create reports for the field supervisors to show the crews. Among other things the report contains screen shots from the dispatch center.  They are all in containers.  I've built the report out to have all of the useful containers making it a 3 page report.  If these containers have nothing in them, I thought I could use sliding to take all of the empty containers out shrinking the report down to 1 or two pages. I've tried aligning them to left and top as suggested in other forum posts. It's not working.  I have a header, a footer and body parts.  The containers are all in the body part.  Not sure how to proceed.