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Containers and web publishing

Question asked by eman on Feb 4, 2009
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Containers and web publishing


Several years ago I was a heavy user of filemaker before there was instant web publishing built in.  Back then we could still use filemaker as a "back end" for a website but it was a real pain.  Now that I've finally finished with school I'm in the process of setting up my own lab and I need to get organized.  I plan on buying FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced but I had a few questions for the forum.




Can the web publishing feature publish contents of containers?  For example will a  PDF or JPEG image show up on the web.  


How many users will be able to access the file at once- There will be about 6-10 people in my lab so I think four at the max might need to access something at the same time.


Thank you for your time.