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Containers drive me nutz!

Question asked by CaseyH on Mar 26, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2009 by FentonJones


Containers drive me nutz!


Is there a way to make the containers behave for like the Finder? All the importing and exporting just when I want to look at a file......... I wish I could just open a file right from Filemaker, save it, and close it. Quick Look would be nice too.


Also to make matters worse. A lot of the files I work with are actually packages. All these "files" (all iWork, Omni Outliner, etc.) can't be imported into a container. That means I have to Zip it just to get it in there. Adding a compression/extraction step to the process.


All this makes makes for a very tedious process just to view/edit files from Filemaker. Very disappointing.