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    Containers field PDF Remote File Paths



      Containers field PDF Remote File Paths


           I have seen a few other posts relating to this but haven't seen a solution.

           I am using FMP12 container fields with linked PDFs and need to access the container and display the PDF via the remote connection. The issue is of course the with the hard coded paths FMP saves to the PDFs. All of the PDFs are in a shared internal folder which works perfectly for the internal network. But, how can the PDFs be linked, or paths modified, so they be accessed via remote connections.

           Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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               IF you are using FIleMaker 12, specify external storage and do not use the "store a reference" option to insert the files. The files will be stored externally, much like "by reference" but now your remote clients should be able to see the PDF's.

               If you are not using FIleMaker, a third party tool: SuperContainer, may be of use to you for this.

               A third option is to use VPN or remote desktop access to open the database. Since this opens the database as though from inside the network, you should be able to see the PDF's that way.